Fine Cracks

Stucco cracks are not normally a cause for concern, particularly when they are very fine.

Concrete is a non-malleable substance that will develop hairline cracks over time from environmental changes in temperature and settling of the structure. These cracks do not endanger the water envelope of a building and are typically only as deep as the top-coat, a ¼ inch at best. Underlying this top coat is roughly a ½ inch of base coat, wire, and paper. Properly installed paper or other envelope materials such as Tyvec or rain screen will protect the structure from water seepage.

These cracks do not require repair, however, if you find them unsightly they can be painted with a rubberized paint.

Large Cracks

Sever cracks, ones that you should consider having repaired, are wide enough to insert the end of your butter knife or house key into and go deeper than the top coat.

These large cracks often have small missing pieces and can be a sign of other structural issues. They should be inspected by a professional before simply being repaired. Assuming there are no other issues that need fixing, repairs usualy include knocking out the surrounding stucco several inches beyond the extent of the cracking, filling and repairing the damaged area, and applying a new top coat. There will be a visible patch unless the entire wall or section is re-top coated.

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