Area Managers

Do you want to try operating your own business before you purchase a franchise? We have a comprehensive training program for those who qualify! You will be given a geographical area to manage and be provided with all the tools and support you need to be successful.

You will be expected to handle all of the customer care for the area you are given, complete site visits and pricing, and review job-sheets for all up-coming jobs that you will be responsible for with the employer. You'll need to communicate with the clients that are under your care in a timely and appropriate manner and ensure timely and transparent communication with the employer regarding all clients and jobs.

You will also be expected to assist in training your team members as the need arises. You'll need to anticipate individual and group training needs of the crew — including on-site education and application — and safety training; to devise and implicate, and document this training. To do so within the general practices and standards set by the Employer and Work Safe BC. A Stucco Manager is personally responsible for having a clear general understanding of those practices and standards, as well as their applications and implications, and ensuring they are adhered to on all job sites.

Wage: Year-round salary & commissions
Apply to [email protected]

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