I.T.M. (Independant)

Should have experience with antique finishes, ashlar work, darbies, screeting and all forms of sand-and-cement and acrylic stucco applications. You should be familiar with current Building Code & WCB requirements. The ability to color match is a huge asset. You must be able to produce a flat wall, square corners, and a variety of textures. Attitude matters!

Duties will include, but not limited to:

  • Maintaining proper and timely communication thru the on-line work portal.
  • Supply and install all materials for your jobs.
  • Proper site safety & cleanliness
  • Keeping current with safety tickets & WCB.

If you have experience at over half of this we are willing to train you on the rest. All applicants will be contacted.

Stucco Surgeon offers great commissions, discounts on industry tickets and trainings, a fully flexible schedule, and amazing team support! Send us your resume, photos of your work, and references at the link below. 

Apply to [email protected]

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